About us

The restaurant is be a place where locals and tourists meet. The view from the hill in Hoppmannsknuten has always been called "Slottet". Come and enjoy it with us! Experience excellent food with a world-class view and surroundings!

"We want to build on Sirdals history. We introduce our guests to the best we have to offer."

Slottet is a place where guests can enjoy good dining experiences made from seasonal ingredients, served in adventurous surroundings. It is an intriguing restaurant, where the proximity to nature, history and the village is the heart of everything we do. In other words – the finest the mountains have to offer.

There are several restaurants in the valley, but none are like this one. A menu concept at a fantastic viewpoint, where we focus on quality in every way.
With us, you can enjoy everything from traditional mountain dishes, to several-course menus, drop-in meals on the go, outdoor dining in the sun or closed meetings in our own wine cellar.