the finest from the mountains

By offering a taste of all the seasons from the mountains' best ingredients, served in majestic natural surroundings, Slottet has become a well-known year-round destination - inviting guests from near to far.

Sirdal, Slottet
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The viewpoint on the hill of Hoppmannsknuten has always been called "Slottet".

The difference is that you now get a roof over your head and dining with a view.

Slottet is a place where you can enjoy good dining experiences with seasonal ingredients served in majestic surroundings. An intriguing building has been constructed, where the proximity to nature, history and the village is central to its heritage and culture. In other words – the finest from the mountains.

"This has always been a dream of mine, ever since I sat here at "Slottet" as a young man, with my father and watched the view."

"We should build something here," he said. Sadly he passed away before his dream came through, but luckily I can fulfil this for both of us, says Torfinn Arne Nesset, who is the landowner of the area and the owner of Slottet Sirdal.

The finest ingredients



Come hungry - you will not regret it

There are several restaurants located in Sirdal, but ours is something else. A menu concept at a fantastic viewpoint, where we focus on quality at all levels. Sirdal has a long and rich history, and now we want to offer our guests the very best we have to give.